Positive Attitude is born in the heart and it feeds from CARING. Caring is a very powerful attraction carrying a significant amount of Love. Love is what circulates in the mind and soul, and runs in every human. It carries the oxygen that plays an important role in our lives to help our growth and reproduction of good energy. The positive approach helps the process in our heart to create and store good energy. Be always polite and kind to yourself and choose to trust yourself. Not getting enough good energy can cause illness and lack of love can lead to a loss of life.

Our diet for our brain and heart is accepting what is good and letting go what is not is required in order to keep the mind and the heart healthy to attract life. Let go and walk away. RESPECT is a life-supporting component of life and it is the most abundant element in happiness. Respect nourishes the mind and heart to help develop LOVE, and it increases it gradually and activates the power to help ourselves to become who we are.

We all have emotions and sometimes it can be overwhelming to face them, handle them. Positive mindset is the foundation of achieving success. To help restore the good energy in us to maintain growth, and to keep our mind strong and healthy, we have to learn to breathe. In order to let out the bad energy and clear our mind we have to choose strength by turning pain into strength and anger into kindness. It restores the healthy power to trigger love that helps us make the right choices. Positive state of mind helps us to connect to our true self and mold our faith to become. It draws in the light and heat to help us function correctly. Emotions consume a lot of energy and positive attitude is a great source of strength. We burn our fuel by giving. A lack of respect can effect how efficiently our mind uses energy. Giving out anger and hate burns our energy 3x faster and our recovery is slower. Sometimes it takes a lifetime of trying to restore it. We can choose to take control our negative emotions by turning them around and using the bad energy to burn towards creating a good energy. A simple Smile, Kindness, Love, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility dissolve pain and anger and helps growth.

                        Care about what YOU DO and care about what YOU SAY.

ATTITUDE is a fundamental state, which FORMS and SHAPES our strength, days, emotions, mood, behavior, life and lifestyle, and is THE major ingredient of Living LIFE. Mind and Heart Absorb and Feed on what we allow in and out, and it evolves around us feeding our being.


In a way humans are a machine like and we must feed ourselves in order to live. When we are hungry we turn to food. Food is fuel and it gives us the energy to allow us to think and grow. We can eat heavy or light food; they all comfort us and move us differently. Keeping a healthy diet allows our mind and body to grow right and live right. When we allow a lot of food that’s not good for us, we block growth and without realizing it we develop emotional depression, a core pain that spreads pain and leads to a double life that can take over and control our emotions.


Our mind is our stomach, it is what feeds the heart and our food is our approach. 


We feed ourselves with words and our actions in what we do and say. When we don’t feed ourselves right, we produce panic attacks, and that feeds anger and the fear that controls us. We all have emotions; we can choose to hold onto anger and have a longer lasting pain that creates a negative energy that drains us and makes us bitter. Or we can turn it around by letting go and choosing to be the better and the stronger person and moving forward and making positive choices to allow love to flourish. We have to learn to listen with our hearts and trust ourselves in order to become our true self, by accepting what is good and letting go of what is not.


Use your “I” to aim forward. “I” is a very powerful energy and is the best source of strength, which is necessary for the rhythm of the heart to function and maintain life. AIM attitude converts the bad energy into a fuel that increases gradually and becomes a light to bring solutions. It supplies a clear direction to the brain to function with a positive energy that supports strength. It prevents the negative energy from attacking the mind and heart and blocking ourselves from living life.

Caring holds all the answers to BEING and FEELING ALIVE. Choose to be honest with yourself and choose to trust yourself. Build your life on happiness, honesty, respect and kindness. These positive actions create and  lead the way. “HONESTY is the best investment and ignorance is the most expensive choice.” 
Go through it and believe in yourself.
The best part; IS BEING The Part! Hold onto your Faith.