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AIM Forward. Stop feeling sorry for Yourself.

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AIM Attitude brings love into the world to help mankind achieve its full potential.

The aim of this educational lifestyle brand is to increase the awareness of people about the common goal in moving forward. The significance of positive attitude and the spread of optimistic vibes can control the lives of all mankind.
People, who want to create a better and healthier way of life and strive forward and remain with their positive actions. Positive mindset will inevitably make and bring an impact. AIM Attitude is also fixated on teaching discipline, action, respect and making the right choice. The “why” and the “how” will also be taught by the brand for the utmost understanding of people.

In bringing love into the world, AIM also guides people onto the path of happiness. The purpose of living and achieving one’s full potential is also achieved by teaching them to follow and trust their heart. The positive way of talking to oneself and thinking and creating a positive energy into the soul and mind is also promoted by the brand.
Being a lifestyle brand and an imaginative company, our mission is highly emphasized by spreading kindness, respect, and positive actions which could help bring love into the world and help humanity move forward.
In this world where all are ravaged by doubt and negativity, the love brought by the company by way of the spreading of universal connection and positivity will encourage people to be the most selfless and best versions of themselves. This awareness will be spread significantly by teaching love, kindness, positive approaches and positive actions.
It is expected that more people will support the lifestyle brand and the company in bringing love into the world through appreciation, giving, acceptance, honesty, respect, kindness and responsibility. Their innate power to change the environment, the world and the life will absolutely be stimulated. They will now be heading to living a life considering the power within their own selves. Despite the ups and downs of life, they will still appreciate the love brought by AIM Attitude.


AIM Attitude Inc. A Breakthrough Lifestyle Brand Promoting a Positive State of Mind

Experts agree, the correct mindset can help a person be more happy and grow. AIM Attitude Inc. is a new lifestyle brand dedicated to helping achieve those goals in an exciting, liberating way.

July 6, 2017
What people wear and the message it carries can help people become who they want to be. AIM Attitude Inc. recently announced the launch of their educational lifestyle brand that can help them achieve this through embracing the essence of life – the forward attitude, delivered in an enthusiastic, thought provoking clothing line.

“AIM – is all about helping us realize our ‘aim’ that we all have and possess,” commented a spokesperson from the brand. “AIM Attitude teaches us to use it and direct it toward bettering ourselves.”

The lifestyle brand’s launch features a signature “AIM” design of a human figure standing between the letters “A” and “M”, representing both the person and the letter “I”. The different shades and colors of the trademark represent the challenges, feelings and experiences people face in their daily lives. By being able to be read both as “I AIM” and “I AM” it delivers a liberating, invigorating and educational message designed and developed to help create and maintain change.

Customers have quickly embraced the new company’s new line, with the brand’s website featuring a growing list of stories delivered by believers in the brand that can’t help but inspire. For more information, or to order, be sure to visit


AIM Attitude; The BRIDGE To A Greater Evolution

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Use Yor "I" To Illuminate The World. AIM Forward

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AIM Attitude INC – Thursday, May 18, 2017.
Submitted by Alex Smith.

What is the secret of success? We are all successful in just being. “What you do with your life and how You breathe life into it to make it bloom and where you choose to aim Your AIM, towards the negative or positive will determine your; why, how, when, who”. – Said Anita Miklovic.

Whatever our notion, the truth is, nothing is achieved without hard work and using the key tools; discipline, respect, kindness and honesty to help us lead the way and create the positive energy that builds consistency that helps us overcome obstacles. So what is the secret? Your CHOICES! The way YOU CHOOSE to Approach and Respond to “events” and the way YOU address them will determine the positive or negative results. That’s precisely what AIM teaches us, the positive choices and mindset along with positive actions that allow us to create the solutions that helps us move forward and continually grow into healthy way of life.

You have to learn to love yourself first before you can love anyone else. Happiness is an unconditional love towards your aim. AIM teaches you to always take care of yourself and to treat yourself and each others with respect. AIM Attitude speaks the universal langue, the language of Love. Actions translate faster then anything in the World. AIM attitude is developed for people from all walks of life to encourage you to always do the right thing and have courage to become the best version of yourself so you can attract the wealth of life. – Said Anita Miklovic, the Founder of AIM ATTITUDE.

Positive mindset and positive actions invite happiness. AIM teaches us we all have a choice. We can direct our energy towards the negative which will snowball more negative emotions or we can choose to turn our pain into strength and light, and let that energy resonate in our actions.

AIM is here to support you and light your way in the darkness so you can conquer your fears and doubts. AIM will empower you into reaching your full potential. Let your heart feel, be it joy or pain, overcome hard-ship by choosing to direct your truth towards what you want and who you want to, choose to become. Allow yourself to be happy, feel, – and let the light take you onto the right path, the one that’s destined for you. Pain is here to teach us, so let go, allow your emotions to flow so you can KNOW what is good for you and what is not.

AIM Attitude is a passion crafted road that was created with a purpose to enlighten mankind about positive actions which will allow to it to succeed in anything we choose to achieve. Be it personal or professional life. Who do you choose to become? Let the “I” in AIM guide you forward.

Attitude is everything in life and AIM attitude builds character, courage, integrity and it gives you the Power and Strength to conquer the dark times, to become the one to be in control of your life and not the one be-ing controlled. AIM attitude lights the path to wellness and to a healthy way of life.

Is no secret that the right attitude builds courage and strength. It gives a purpose in life. The AIM Attitude does the positive things for you. It helps you understand the values of love, affection and friendship. AIM Attitude teaches you what is the right thing to do. It gives you the aim in life. So, believe in yourself and prosper.

With the positive mindset and the right attitude, one can easily become successful in life. Life is full of ob-stacles. You have to fight to vault over them. You have to strive for better results daily. When you lose hope you will fall into depression. You must give yourself a chance, to allow yourself to Live. The right aim and attitude shows you the path. AIM Attitude guides you to achieve the successful results.

Life is not about “having” it is about “becoming”. It’s all about the “WHO” do you choose to become. Things come and go, and we can always replace “things” with even better “things” but we cannot replace people. Always appreciate. This is what AIM teaches you, to always respect and appreciate and always help.

Life is all about how to respect others, giving importance to social values. You have to be social and perform the social activities. DO something for your community, country and for the world. AIM Attitude tells you what life is. It makes you understand the social values and teaches how to treat each other and grow. We have to educate mankind about the importance of kindness, honesty, respect because these values are the key component to happiness.

AIM Attitude helps us to connect each other. It discovers your inner potentiality and energy to change your-self. Ups and downs come in life. It is natural ebb and flow of life and you have to face it. Taking Responsi-bility is what allows us to grow and learn.

At AIM Attitude, people will discover their real power. AIM Attitude helps the real person, human being inside you. AIM stays rights beside you, walk with you, talk with you. I AIM I AM. When you are feeling lonely, you will find AIM Attitude beside you, remember, you are not alone, keep going.

AIM Attitude is a simple Brand that spreads love all over the world. It helps people to find out the inner pos-sibility and values. They help to develop a positive mindset and fill themselves with courage. AIM Attitude comes forward to help those feeling lost. It teaches how to achieve your aims with the right attitude.

For more information, visit:—the-universal-language-of-love-create-yourself-1634607/
Owner/Founder: Anita Miklovic
Address: Los Angeles, CA, 90038

WHO do YOU CHOOSE to become - AIM Attitude

No one is exempted in facing a lot of difficulties in life. Every person is given a set of tests to pass in each phase of life. We might be on a bit the same kind of challenges and the only thing that makes our experiences different from that of others is the way we deal with situations.

AIM Attitude; The Brand With A Soul Is Here To Empower You To Love Yourself

The popularity of educational sites is increasing every day. Virtual learning is becoming a trend and a necessity. Such educational sites are not only limited to offering degree programs, but also extended to provide short courses and diplomas. These short courses target aspects such as personal development, business, careers, lifestyle etc. AIM ATTITUDE INC. is a unique Brand, that has positioned itself to be the shining Beacon of light in a World.


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AIM Attitude INC – Sunday, April 30, 2017. Submitted by Alex Smith.

Los Angeles, CA (25th April 2017) – AIM Attitude is an initiative by Anita Miklovic to educate the planet about the right attitude to live a happy, and purposeful life. The objective of this organization is to bring betterment in the quality of life by orienting mankind with eternal values like love, respect, kindness and most importantly the right attitude.

AIM Attitude is all about creating your own path, by following your own heart to discover life, gain experi-ences, feel emotions and uncover the true meaning of your purpose in life. AIM teaches us to face obsta-cles with positive mindset to help us overcome harsh times, moments that allow us to stay focused and continue go on, on our path for our life to bloom. Life is all about facing challenges and changes. AIM shows us how we are all capable of responding with truth and taking responsibility for our choices, actions and decisions.

We all have emotions of joy, sadness, confusion, broken hearts, the feelings of being lost, discouraged, of not being able to fit in, feeling of being different and much more. AIM is here to show you the way, that key to our happiness lies in our approach, the choices and decisions we take towards our challenges and obstacles. We need to learn to stand up for ourselves and open our hearts to the truth. We must learn to listen to our feelings, and emotions. It’s not what happens to us, it is all about the “how” we respond. AIM encourages you to embrace your emotions and face life with a brave heart. Go through your feelings and emotions so you can learn to be in control and know what’s good and what’s right. Master yourself by choosing to do the right thing and always helping others with sharing and passing on knowledge along in the act of positive actions.

We can choose to give up or we can choose to put up a fight and fight for our happiness. Success awaits those who tolerate intense pain, and struggle by choosing to care for oneself and others by taking respon-sibility and constantly choosing to push forward. “You must surrender yourself and transform into your calling to allow yourself live life fully and become happy”, said Anita Miklovic, the Founder of AIM Attitude.

Hence, the need to hold the right attitude that will boost the self-esteem and self-confidence, so that people can face the adverse situations in life with high morale and a brave heart. On the other hand, when life revolves around acts of kindness, respect, love and value, the whole world becomes more peaceful and productive. Most importantly, an individual living life on such terms, attracts prosperity and most im-portantly, respect and recognition from fellow humans. This is what AIM Attitude has been doing since its inception and as on date, this organization has been largely successful in accomplishing these objectives.

About the Founder Anita Miklovic

Anita Miklovic was born on November 28th, 1978. She is the founder of the AIM ATTITUDE Company that promotes a positive and forward looking attitude. She is originally from Golyas, Slovakia and is currently working all over the world to encourage personal growth and THE FORWARD ATTITUDE.
“AIM Attitude is all about facing life and walking towards a happy lifestyle. More than a brand, we are an educational movement for Lifestyle and our mission is to assist people in bringing a positive change that will help the living more purposeful”, stated Anita Miklovic.

About AIM Attitude INC:

AIM ATTITUDE INC. is an organization, founded and owned by Anita Miklovic. Our primary objective is to help individuals create and build Self-Respect and Self-Value through acceptance and choosing to care for oneself and others that creates and maintains healthy mental and emotional growth.

For more information, visit:

Owner/Founder: Anita Miklovic
Address: Los Angeles, CA, 90038

AIM ATTITUDE - Attitude is the Guide Of Life. AIM Forward.

AIM Attitude is all about creating your own path, by following your own heart to discover life, gain experiences, feel emotions and uncover the true meaning of your purpose in life. AIM teaches us to face obstacles with positive mindset to help us overcome harsh times, moments that allow us to stay focused and continue go on, on our path for our life to bloom.

AIM Attitude: The Brand that Encourages Everyone To Be The Best Versions Of Themselves


April 20, 2017. Centered on positive states of minds and choosing to aim our AIM towards something great and rewarding. The AIM ATTITUDE is a reminder that all of us have an attitude; it’s where we choose to aim it that defines us.

As a SYMBOL for helping people to CHOOSE and focus on their paths forward, the AIM Attitude and the accompanying logo symbolizes the commitment and discipline to developing a more fruitful and effective life.
“Every person possesses an AIM. How You aim and where You aim is where You land,” I AIM I AM, said Anita Miklovic, Founder and Owner of AIM ATTITUDE. “It’s a simple, yet profound theory that choosing to curate and emanate positivity will therefore affect our attitudes, resulting in honest, focused, and productive lives for a better future every time.”

AIM teaches about the importance of honesty and being honest to oneself. Only by being honest can we understand what it is we want. Where we want to aim our AIM, and how we are to follow our dreams in the most effective way possible. Going on AIM Attitude path, this journey teaches everyone to trust themselves, their instincts, and their aspirations in a positive light.

“It is possible to follow our callings, achieve our dreams, and do it all in a way that uplifts others in the process,” said Anita Miklovic. “The AIM Attitude is an educational lifestyle that teaches all that and more. AIM Attitude is here to help you unleash your originality and support you along your journey to hold onto your faith and to believe in yourself where you can see, feel and understand that YES YOU CAN make it happen.” The choices you make, create you. WHO, do you choose to become?

AIM Attitude is all about encouraging and empowering everyone to stand up for themselves and to create their own personal path and lifestyle that fits them the best. We must tap into our innate desire and teach ourselves to always strive and thrive forward so we can develop deeper knowledge that helps us understand the “what” “when” “how” “why” it happens. The knowledge behind understanding the power of positive actions, allows us to discover the meaning of life and the purpose of life that helps us guide into the right direction to uncovering our true greatness and becoming our true-self which can enlighten the reason for our being on Earth.

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