Behind the Symbol AIM

The SYMBOL is composed of the letters A I M. The letter “I” is represented by the human figure. It is meant to read I AIM and I AM. The SYMBOL is not just a word; it is not just a phrase; it is an attitude, the right attitude. Positivity and honesty have a very powerful healing powers; they open new doors and bring in happiness.
Our trademark represents life and it comes in different shades and colors. Just as in our lives, these colors/shades represent situations, feelings and experiences that we all go through. The dark colors signify the bad, the light colors the good and the white symbolizes the clarity that comes when we work hard, stand up for ourselves, and change bad circumstances into good ones. There were, are, and always will be obstacles. It is up to each of us to be the better person, do better, overcome challanges, have a forward thinking mentality and not ignore the truth; ignorance is THE most expensive CHOICE. We need to acknowledge the bad, leave it behind and search for the good, just like the human figure in the SYMBOL.

Life is not about color, sexual orientation and religion;
it is about how we interact with each other and the respect we give to one another.

The Forward Attitude

Our dictum 'THE FORWARD ATTITUDE' is a reminder to keep going, especially during taxing times. The AIM ATTITUDE educates mankind to always move forward regardless of present hardship. AIM philosophy encourages people to stay strong and carry on, no matter the obstacles. It encourages people to keep fighting through setbacks. It encourages people to do what they love and what they feel is right to get to their goal and be where they want to be. It encourages people to abstain and say no to things that are bad for them or will hold them back. AIM ATTITUDE and THE FORWARD ATTITUDE encourage people to do the right thing, to respect and accept oneself, and never be scared to take chances. It tells them to be who they are, love whoever they want, do what they truly enjoy and to always give strength, love, joy, respect and kindness to others.

The motto exudes strength of character and a never-give-up mentality. Changing negative circumstances into positive, having a forward thinking mentality, and a never say die attitude. The letter “I” of AIM ATTITUDE’s symbol is represented by a human figure. This design portrays all individuals from varying walks of life, in this world. The logo shows the human figure moving FORWARD, overcoming the negatives and obstacles while leaving behind the influences, the traits and the circumstances preventing the person from being successful.