The Engine Of The Heart and Soul

WATER – is your EMOTION.

AIR – is your ATTITUDE.

EARTH – is your LIFE.

FIRE – is your TRUTH.

The Elements of Life and Living  

Positive actions are an element of love. FEEL everything and connect ALL four elements to become whole. Believe in YOURSELF and BELIEVE in positive actions. 

"I create myself" to become the I AM.


Attitude is the drive of Life. It is the basis of all life on Earth. All sentient life live by using the energy of their own attitude.

The attitude’s energy is the primary source of energy for the life on Earth. Attitude powers an energy that powers the life of cycle that produces and creates states of mind. A positive attitude creates food for the emotions and mind and functions to create pure energy. Positive thinking creates a broad range of energy that continues to support life. Positive energy has a powerful attraction, it provides strength and creates love where love becomes the transport of energy.

Your HEART is your COMPASS

Look forward to creating the value where happiness is reached and living is understood in giving. GIVING brings LIFE to the surface. ​You have everything you need INSIDE to create what you want so you can receive what you believe in. USE your EMOTIONS to allow love to bloom in your life and positive ATTITUDE for growing your love. Use TRUTH to help you burn through and light the way, and your “BELIEF”, to allow you breathe. Say YES I CAN because I WANT TO. Take care of yourself. With feeling sorry for yourself, you put yourself on a leash where you constantly struggle to survive. In this state, you allow life to pass you by. Self-pity leads to depression because you stop caring. Your emotions are not moving and your heart is suffocating. We must learn to grow, and allow ourselves to adjust and adapt to challenges and change.


Don’t give up. Learn to love yourself.

Face yourself, face your emotions, and allow yourself to be happy. Take responsibility for your choices and actions. Stay true to yourself. Face your life, face your “truth”, and FEEL everything in your HEART. Put up a healthy fight and fight with the TRUTH. Keep going and use your elements as your guide.

FIRE = Truth (creates the way)

AIR = Belief  (allows you to become)

WATER = Emotions (lights the path)

EARTH = Life (love yourself) 

Teach yourself. Create your life and bring your happiness to life. Don’t give up; KEEP LEARNING, and ADJUSTING so hope, values, emotions, freedom, hearts, passion, living, dreams, happiness, love, families, loyalty, relationships, smiles, kindness, feelings, laughter, respect, heat, faith, health, connections, joy, health, honesty, bonds, children, the purpose of life, the meaning of life, and the world ARE NOT LOST. 

AIM Attitude brings this encouragement into this world and aims to be the beacon of light the world needs.

TRUTH allows you to connect to your TRUE-Self, to awaken YOUR SOUL. Truth is FELT in your Heart …. FEELS like water …. BLOOMS like a flower …. BURNS like fire …. to light the way.