Why AIM Attitude

the DECISION to have personal strength and resolve regardless of challenges, obstacles and hardships. The message teaches everyone to take responsibility for their life and move forward, and this message resonates with everyone irrespective of race, religion, and sexual orientation. It’s about aiming for a positive attitude and becoming a BETTER YOU.


We need to stop ignoring ourselves and other people and start respecting and appreciating ourselves and that helps us avoid breaking our own hearts and that of others. Broken hearts do not grow.

When we THINK we know everything, we develop expectations, and when we develop expectations, we stop listening; we stop caring, we become ignorant, and with that, RESPECT STOPS. We stop growth and without growth, life stops. When life stops, pain is created and depression takes over. Pain is the heaviest weight to carry. We start to hurt others and ourselves.

Sometimes we THINK we are doing everything right, until we learn that we are wrong. We cannot always be aware of what and who is wrong and what and who is right. The Heart does. We have to learn to LISTEN so we can learn to KNOW which allows us to FEEL.
We all make choices, and sometimes without knowing it, we hurt others and ourselves. Is that a reason for us to stop growing? To stop ourselves from being happy? No! It is not a reason for us to give up. We have to LEARN to listen correctly and RESPECT each others feelings and we need to acknowledge that YES WE CAN mistakenly hurt others and YES WE CAN be hurt. We have to learn to adjust and admit our mistakes so that WE can learn the true value of our lives. With this knowledge we can move forward and grow, and learn what it means to be HUMAN.

Life comes with emotions of anger, pain, stress, pressure, grief, love, broken hearts, disappointments, doubts, fears, joy, dreams, passions, success, happiness, temptations, desire, envy, jealousy, greed, hunger, pride, lust, bullying, gluttony, eating disorders and more. “It’s OK. I choose to have a choice. I DO have a choice. I choose to Respond with kindness. I CHOOSE TO LEARN. I CHOOSE TO BE STRONG.”



WE CANNOT teach, when we don’t learn to listen right,
and we CANNOT listen right, when we don’t learn to teach right. We stop growing. 

We must learn to HEAR and LISTEN.

We all serve each other. We are the energy.

We need to learn how to learn right, to allow the heart to beat, so we can grow.
We need to learn to feel and we need to learn to KNOW.
When WE KNOW, WE ARE and when we are, WE understand …. WE GIVE.
When we give, we learn to care. When we care, we listen with our hearts.

When we RESPECT each other, we learn to GIVE BACK and serve each other.
We build and we grow and we create LOVE.
What is Love? Love is Positive Actions. What is Positive Actions? Energy. What is Energy? Life. What is Life?
WE ARE THE ENERGY. We have an attitude.
We have the energy to give, move, connect and create.
When we create, WE can begin to BUILD.
Where does energy come from? Self-Respect 

What we GIVE is what we CREATE,
and what we create is how we LIVE and that is what we leave behind.

Our VISION of the World is one where people LIVE lives.

AIM, an attitude that moves you FORWARD.
Caring is FOOD for the heart and mind, that helps you connect to your true self, to your SOUL where you feel and live life. Honesty is the main ingredient to release your positive emotions in order to receive life. Emotions are your guidance because it becomes your attitude and an attitude becomes the guide of life. Choose to be honest with yourself. When you deny your true feelings, you choose negative thoughts and negative energy to take over your positive energy, and that choice burns your good emotions faster because it feeds your mind which will get you attached to your “needs”. Stay positive and choose to trust your heart in order to receive happiness and love. Don’t give up. Look ahead, FOCUS on the solution and keep going. Everything blooms in TIME. 

Why AIM attitude? EveryONE deserves a chance. Give Yourself a chance. 

RE-direct your energy from the “minus” towards the “plus”. From; I can’t to YES I CAN.

I AM .... creates you. Create Yourself.

Use your “I” to invest in your own energy …. YOUR choices, YOUR actions.