We are not just a brand

We ARE an Educational Lifestyle Movement.


The language of understanding.

Developed to educate individuals on the importance of a positive attitude, and how it affects our work lives, our home lives, and our personal and parental lives, the AIM attitude is fixated on spreading the act of love, and teaching everyone about the universal language of the AIM positive attitude.

It is created to be an inspiring lifestyle movement that is applicable and usable by anyone, at any time in anywhere. The dreamers, the visionaries, athletes, artists, parents, kids, students, any gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age and anyone who wants to live a successful, happy and healthy lifestyle. AIM ATTITUDE is for PEOPLE from all walks of life!


The BEACON that illuminates the path of Life.

AIM is a guidance to happiness. AIM ATTITUDE is about becoming and living.

AIM is not about being first …. AIM attitude is about being THE first ONE. CHOOSING to not give up and live Life and choosing to trust and follow your heart. A positive way of thinking and talking to oneself and others to light the way and create and spread a positive energy into ones mind and soul.

Positive Attitude promotes healthy choices that create an active Lifestyle and helps maintain healthy mental and emotional growth.

AIM ATTITUDE helps to support adjustment that helps to keep and maintain positive emotions and mental health. It guides us to healthy growth and living so we can become the person we want to be and are meant to be.



AIM ATTITUDE, a new, revolutionary Lifestyle Brand and imaginative company set on a mission to spread their core founding principles of respect, kindness, positive actions, and positive approaches to everyone intent on making a difference, has positioned themselves to be the shining beacon of light in a world ravaged by negativity and doubt day-in and day-out.


Everyone encounters ups and downs in life, and makes decisions based on those moments. At AIM ATTITUDE, we invest in people and teach about the power within all of us, because we care deeply about mankind’s destination. We believe that life is built on giving, acceptance, appreciation, responsibility, respect, honesty and kindness.


Every individual is unique! Everyone has his or her own remarkable talents and skills that will contribute positively to the world. AIM ATTITUDE recognizes that every person possesses a distinct characteristic that could bring a huge difference in the world. We have the innate power to change our life, our environment, and our world.


AIM ATTITUDE is a platform intent on spreading a message of universal positivity and connection, while encouraging everyone to be their best and most selfless self. We are here to spread awareness and facilitate the teaching of kindness, love, positive actions and positive approaches with regards to everything in our lives, both the good and the bad.

AIM: a positive, universal language we all know inside.

AIM ATTITUDE, the movement that marks purpose in our lives.

AIM ATTITUDE, a positive impact and revolutionarily profound lifestyle brand and attitude, has identified and spread awareness on a universal language every single human knows and possesses – whether they choose to harness and familiarize themselves with it or not.

“It’s no secret our world is in dire need of a platform like AIM, a site that promotes nothing but the best in people,” said Anita Miklovic, Founder and Owner of AIM. “We need a Brand that promotes Responsibility, Discipline, Respect and Kindness, all rolled into one. We developed this Brand to bring just that to people, and to encourage everyone to come together in a collective pursuit of the AIM attitude.”

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February 7, 2017

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The World needs a Brand that promotes Responsibility, Discipline, Respect and Kindness, all rolled into one to create the act of love and help humanity move forward. We developed this Brand to bring just that to people, and to encourage everyone to come together in a collective pursuit of the AIM attitude.